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Adhesive Herbal Patches

Product pack - herbal patch


  1. Natural plant extracts, made of high quality traditional Chinese medicinal materials.
  2. For external use, can ensure maximum curative effects and minimum side effects.
  3. Light and handy; having excellent breathability, will not cause much discomfort during long time use.
  4. With good adhesive effect, the patch can be easily attached to the lower abdomen.
  5. 10 patches per pack.

Please note these patches are made in China, where they are called 'slimming patches' - there is NO SCIENTIFC EVIDENCE that they have a slimming effect themselves, but they can provide useful nutrients to people who are trying to lose weight. Users report that they feel less appetite when wearing them, and some people have claimed that they are a significant aid to slimming: until there is clinical evidence to support this, Wellier.co.uk DOES NOT support these claims.


These patches use traditional Chinese medicines, untested in the Western World.


Read about the possible benefits here


We recommend that you wear a patch either overnight or during the day - but not both. Get into a routine of putting your patch on at the same time each day, and removing it at a regular time, too. After about 12 hours, you will have absorbed most of the ingredients, so there's no need to keep it on for longer. It will do no harm if you forgt to remove th patch until the next one is due, but don't wear two at a time.


The patches are easy to apply and remove.


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Easy to apply and remove

You can apply the patches to any area of clean, dry, grease-free skin; we recommend wearing under clothing (eg upper arm, thigh, abdomen), simply because there is less chance of the patch catching or rubbing the corners up. Occasionally people have difficulty in making the patch stick - this may be a skin-thing, or perhaps due to heat when on holiday. If you have any difficulty, apply where a belt or other clothing will help keep it in place. dditional tape can be used as a last resot without affecting the action of the patch.


Apply where convenient

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HEALTH WARNING: These patches are not toys.
1. Avoid using on sunburn, damaged skin, swollen, blemished or inflamed skin.
2. If you are pregnat (or might be!), do NOT use this product.

3. If you are frail or infirm, do NOT use this product
4. If you have thyroid problems (hyper/hypo) do NOT use this product.
5. Stop using the product if you feel any discomfort, or see rashes or inflamed skin.
6. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. Room temperature is fine.
8. For external use only.



Read about the possible benefits here


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Patch
Main Ingredients: Plant Extracts
Color: Yellow
Quantity: 10 patches per pack
Item Size: Approx. 7cm x 5cm (2.8 inches x 2.0 inches)



  1. The picture you see may not reflect the actual colour of the item. We guarantee that the style is the same, as is its action.
  2. Size given above is approximate.