Circulation and the rings of eternal life


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1. The Product List

Magnetic Toe Rings

Magnetic Toe Rings - £5 - Now £4 per pair

Magnetic Toes Rings, Pair - Buy Now for £4!

Copper Bracelet with Magnets

Copper Bracelet with Magnets - £11 - Now £10 each

Copper Bracelet with magnets - £10 - Buy Now!

Copper Bracelet

Copper Bracelet - £7 - Now £6 each

Copper Bracelet £6 - Buy Now!

Herbal Patches

Herbal Patches - £5 - Now £4 per pair

10 patches for £4 - Buy Now!

Immortality ringsSold Out

 Immortality Rings

Plastic adjustable.  One-size-fits-all. Pair.

Neodymium ringsSold Out

Neodymium Immortality Rings

Plastic adjustable.  One-size-fits-all. Pair.
These rings are 21,000 gauss, 21 times stronger than the classic rings. 

Make Your Own Alex-Chiu-Style Rings

Just £4. Detailed instructions on making your own rings with ingredients you can buy locally.
We'll send you the online instructions.
Shipping fee £0

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