Magnets and Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings


Alex Discusses the Eternal Life Device and How It Works

2. Magnets

Alex Chiu Rings - Circulation - Magnets - Accupuncture

How do Eternal Life Devices fix the wounds and scars back to perfect or close to perfect, in order to free blood circulation?

Alex believes this is how it works: "Well, every cell in our body is a magnet. Cells have north and south poles. They attract each other. That's why cells form into a straight line. That is also how they form into a community, an animal body."

Cell form into a straight line.

Cells form into a straight line.

Cells with weak magnetic energy don't attract too well. Cells with strong magnetic flux attract to each other strongly and tighter. Just like magnets.Weak magnets don't attract

But strong magnets attract strongly and tight - just like human cells.

Strong magnets attract

If cells are weak. if cells don't have enough magnetic flux, they break apart easily and heal back slowly, or sometimes don't heal back.

Warning: Close contact - as much as 3cm - with a neodymium magnet is enough to destabilise certain implanted heart devices ... Read More

Cells with a damage but do not heal back.

Of course, most of the time our wounds and scars heal at least a little. They, however, don't heal back 100 percent. Damaged parts (wounds) heal back only a little. That is why they leave scars.

Cells healed back but not straight, leaving ugly scar.

According to Alex, that's where the Eternal Life Devices jump in. You want your cells to heal back 100 percent or close to 100 percent. Look at the picture below. Thin, blue lines indicate magnetic energy amplified by the device. Cells pop back straighter!!

Cells grow back better freeing blood circulation

Now cells can grow back 100 percent or close to perfect. Remember, every cell is a magnet. If magnetic forces are applied, cells attract to each other more strongly. Ugly scars disappear. Cholesterol, which jammed in damaged areas, slowly desolves! If cholesterol desolves, blood circulation is liberated. With blood circulation liberated, enough food and oxygen goes to every cell of your entire body. Then, at this stage, you turn physically younger or stay physically young FOREVER. You will have a never ageing body. Your body condition stays the SAME for years and years!!

Picture of disordered cells

Cells act like magnets, for they are magnets them selves. The earliest type of animals are all worm like, long and straight animals.

Because a cell has North and South pole just like a magnet, it attracts to aother cell's North or South pole. With this attraction, a group of cells form into a single straight line. The earliest animals were formed that way.

If magnetic energy is further applied to animal body, in the correct polarity, it will make the animal body more stronger and denser. Above is a picture of disordered, weak cells. Cholesterol easily jams in this kind of cell body.

Applying magnetic flux to the human body, we get cells like this. The cells are straight, dense, and rigid.

Picture of ordered cells

Cholesterol does not easily jam in this area, therefore freeing the blood circulation giving the entire body more oxygen and nutrition. If the body always receive enough oxygen and nutrition, the body does not age. It will always reheal itself back to the neutral position. More magnetic flux must be applied, especially during sleep. The body reheals itself mostly during sleep.

Please note these are Alex's claims, this is NOT scientific fact - but you decide if it sounds reasonable!