How The Invention Happened: The rings of eternal life


How The Invention Happened

by Alex Chiu

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"One day, someone asked me a question 'Why do you only put magnets on the small fingers? Why not on all fingers? You put magnets on all toes, don't you?'

My answer to him:

"That's good question. When I was 19, my friend from China told me that when he was in China, doctors used magnets to cure his nearsight by placing magnets on his ears. That got me interested in magnets. I placed magnets all over my body trying to cure my near sight and make me feel better ever since. (I was premature aging and unhealthy when I was 19, which was 10 years ago). I placed magnets all over my body including all fingers. Nothing worked. But one day, I placed north pole on top of both small fingers. I got sick. I sneezed and coughed at night, which kept me awake. I climbed the stairs at school, felt like an old man because each step made my heart pound out of my chest. I have worn the north pole on both pinkies like that for the entire week, and I was sick for the entire week."

I thought I will get better after a while, but I didn't get better. I was sick for the entire week for wearing them like that. Then I finally couldn't stand it anymore and took them off. Then I tried switching one pinky to south leaving the other pinky north. Then I felt rejuvenation. TREMENDOUS REJUVENATION. I further perfected it by adding magnets at bottom of pinkies, and I suddenly felt more thorough rejuvenation. Then my wrinkles on my forehead started to disappear. My skin tightened up. All those crazy things started to happen to me which convinced me that this device which I have just invented gives immortality.

This is how I found the secret to eternity. The rest of the fingers didn't work and were not even close the the effect I got from the pinkies. Pinkies are the most sensitive finger. maybe it's because small fingers are connected to the heart nerve.

Two years ago, I invented the foot braces. Between the invention of pinky rings and the foot braces, I tried nearly everything I can think of: Tesla coil, inducing wiring my body using high voltage, low amps. Electro-magnetic coils. Nothing worked as good as a pair of rings on the pinkies except the foot braces. The foot braces worked, and they worked better than the pinky rings.

That's my story on how I discovered immortality. It's not because I'm a super genius. I am just lucky."