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1. Alex Chiu Discusses Immortality or Eternal Life

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Immortality is life without death; literally living forever. That is not exactly the same as eternal life, which has spiritual connotations. Eternal life has come to mean living forever, but not necessarily in the physical realm.

The longest verified lifespan is that of Jeanne Calment (1875–1997), who died aged 122 years and 164 days. While there are now many hundreds of people who have lived beyond 100 years, the proportion of the population who achieve this is very small indeed. Colonel Norman Dane Vaughan, America's oldest Antarctican, the last surviving member of the expedition of 1928-30, said he hoped to live to 100, "because not many people die after that.". He managed it, but died just four days later.

Many religions have eternal life at the centre of their beliefs, and this varies from physically rising from the grave at judgement day to live forever, to an existence of pure spirit. Eternal life is rarely, however, thought to be a simple, endless extension of normal life.

Eternal life features in many science fiction and fantasy tales, often as a curse, rather than a gift. These tales recognise that with the decline of health that we have come to expect, eternal life may simply extend the decline until it becomes torture; a lonely, damaged existence in an unfamiliar world.

So, realistically, will you live forever - in the physical sense - by using Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings? Will I?

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You must decide what you think Alex is offering; and what you think you will get from his products. And what you want!

The attraction to me is not immortality - though a few extra years would be nice - I am much more concerned with the quality of my life as I go into old age, and anything that might assist my blood supply and keep my body balanced, is certainly worth thinking about.

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