Health and the Immortality Device


Alex Discusses Health and the Immortality Device

Alex Chiu Rings - Circulation - Magnets - Accupuncture

The eternal life rings and the eternal life foot braces consists of two parts: a top magnet with north pole and a bottom magnet with south pole. The top & bottom magnets propel the blood circulation by speeding up the magnetic flux of the body.

Therefore the whole bodie's magnetic flux strengthens!

Then the cell structure inside our body becomes tighter and denser.

The cells fasten up to each other generating a stronger, healthier cell community.

Every single cell in your body is a magnet. If you catch the right Chi route, you can intensify the magnetic flux of the body.

Cells then attract to each other tighter, eliminating all diseases and damages. Then your body stays the same for hundreds of years.

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Here is an example of a person with wrinkle on his forehead. The wrinkles were caused by the loose, disordered cells of the forehead.

loose cells

The cells are loose and chaotic by the cause of earlier physical damages, (hurt yourself in the forehead.) or by the slowing down of blood circulation from the heart to the forehead.


The slowing down of blood circulation is caused by the jamming of cholesterol. When cholesterol piles up at a certain part of the body, the rest of the body parts' blood circulation is affected, causing lack of oxygen and nutrition.

tight cells

Therefore, your whole body ages. Here is a picture with result from the rings.


For example, people with sensitive eyes have bad circulation around the eyes causing redness and even serious vision problems.


You can free the blood circulation around the eyes, giving you more beautiful, healthier eyes for others!


Above is the face of a man who was beaten during a fight long time ago. The face is now unstraight and disfigured. After using The Eternal Life Rings or Eternal Life Foot Braces, you can get this (below), a straighter, cleaner face.


Doesn't the cleaner, straighter face look a lot younger? You get the picture.

The Same principle applies. The fit, muscular stomach's secret is that it has frequent blood, oxygen, and nutrition circulated unified cell structure. And the fat stomach is ugly because its cells are disordered and contaminated. They are inferior, loose cells caused by the lack of nutrition and blood circulation.

slim versus fat

When there is not enough blood circulation, cells are more easily damaged by external factors, such as ultra violet rays, free radicals, physical damages, etc.

loose cells

Alex reports: "I have one friend who purchased The Eternal Life Rings from me few month ago, reporting to me his mental illness has improved dramatically.

One of my friends told me that, after wearing my rings, he started to believe that the rings really have the power to give eternal life since every morning he woke up feeling like a new born. He liked my invention very much and purchased The Eternal Life Foot Braces from me just recently.

tight cells

Giving my rings a try definitely won't hurt. I had only three people report that using my rings during sleep kept them awake for awhile affecting their next day's working ability. But, people are different. Most people did not have difficulty using my devices. Some people had a little trouble during sleep at first and got used to my devices after awhile. You should definitely give it a try!"