Fitting instructions - Alex Chiu's Rings of Eternal Life


Alex Discusses the Eternal Life Device and How It Works

Fitting Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Immortality Device. According to testimonials and research data, people are believed to be able to stay physically young forever by using Alex Chiu's new inventions, "The Eternal Life Rings" and "The Eternal Life Foot Braces". The Eternal Life Rings are to be worn on both small fingers of a user during sleep. The Eternal Life Foot Braces are to be worn on all toes of both feet during sleep.

Alex Chiu explains that the fingers and toes are the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals of your body. Before you start wearing the device, please check the polarity. Make sure that the + side of one ring attracts to the nothing side of the other ring. The + side of one ring should repel the + side of the other ring. And the nothing side should repel the nothing side. If the polarity is not right, please email us, or return the rings for an exchange. The foot braces also have + and nothing sides. The + side of a foot brace should attract the nothing side of another foot brace.

The rings are one-size-fits-all.

Rings, showing sizing bar

Pic A shows that there is a small bar inside the ring. If your fingers are small, keep that bar so that the rings will fit your fingers.

If your fingers are big, you can break that bar off with a knife or with scissors - Pic B

The side that has teeth should face outward of your hand. The side that has the one inch bar should face inward, staying between the small finger and the 4th finger. That one inch bar is there to prevent the ring from rolling around so that the polarity won't be screwed up.

Hands showing polarity

The rings should be worn on your small fingers.

The + side should be on top of your right small finger.

The + sign should be at the bottom (palm) of your left small finger.

If the rings are too big for your fingers, you can wrap tape around the sides of the rings to make it more snug thus they fit better. Wear the rings during sleep. Wear them when you take a nap in the afternoon. Try to wear them for more than eight hours a day. Don't wear them when you are awake. Wear them only when you lie down or when you sleep.