Circulation and the rings of eternal life


Alex Discusses the Eternal Life Device and How It Works

1. Circulation

Alex Chiu Rings - Circulation - Magnets - Accupuncture

How can few little magnets, placed on the small fingers or toes, make a person stay young forever or cure diseases?   Does Alex Chiu have an explanation to this?

By wearing the Eternal Life Device, you should immediately experience a very powerful energy flowing in your body.  What is the reason?   What I believe is that the small finger or the toes are the transistor of the entire body.   Your body acts like a transistor.  A transistor is a switch used in electronics.  One gate, which induces a small amount of energy, opens or closes a larger flowing energy.  So there is a way for us to use a little bit of energy to control a larger amount of energy.

Theory behind The Eternal Life Device

So a transistor is just like an amplifier.  You use a little bit of energy to turn on a larger amount of energy!!

Now back to your fingers.  Your fingers are the transistors of your body.  Each finger affects a certain part of your body.   If you allow energy to flow from one finger to the other finger, the energy which traveled between the 2 fingers turned on a larger amount of energy.  The larger amount of energy is so powerful, it affects each cell of your body.  (Only works well on the small fingers.  I got close to no result from the other fingers.)  The powerful energy which flows through your entire body as it cures damaged cells, is not directly emitted from the 2 tiny magnetic rings.  The powerful energy you have experienced is the energy amplified by the tiny energy which came from the rings.  This powerful energy helps your body reheal.  Which means, your wounds, scars, and among other damaged cells will reheal.

The reason why healing wounds and scars of the body is the secret to eternal life is because cholesterol does not pile up at blood vessels that has good circulation. Cholesterol piles up at blood vessels that have bad blood circulation. And what causes bad blood circulation?

Blood vessel's picture 1

A picture of a blood vessel just near the skin.

The second picture shows that a severe wound on the skin could jam the blood circulation of the blood vessel

Picture of blood vessel with wound

The third picture shows that cholesterol starts to pile up at the damaged spot, jamming the circulation even further, contaminating the entire area. With a section contaminated by this effect, this section's cells start to age (become old cells). Old cells are contaminated cells that do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. When too many cells are contaminated, the entire human body starts aging!

Contaminating cells

Please note these are Alex's claims, this is NOT scientific fact - but you decide if it sounds reasonable!

Alex believes his invention allows the user to cure old wounds and scars to free the jammed circulation of the body. "Without Eternal Life Device, old wounds and scars do not heal back 100 percent to their original structures. Only with The Eternal Life Device can a man one day have his body healed itself back to perfect. With a perfect body, you are suppose to look extraordinary beautiful. Your eyes are clear, your arms and legs are strong, your organs function great! Your IQ will break 180! You are to be young and beautiful forever!! How? You must make your body perfect, no damage or close to no damage, in order to become the super race!" You must choose what to believe!