Accupunture and the rings of eternal life


Alex Discusses the Eternal Life Device and How It Works

3. Accupuncture

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Actually, the theory behind the theory is this:

Do you know acupuncture?  Doctor would insert a needle into your body part to heal you.  But how does that work?

Well, when you damaged your body part, there will be leakage of magnetic flux since your body cells are like wires that carry magnetic flux. 

Nerve.jpg (21637 bytes)

If there is a cut on the wire (cells), the magnetic flux leaks. Magnetic flux leaks out and travels up your nerve reaching your brain. 

Picture of a brain

The leakage travels in the nerve and into your brain requesting your brain to release healing chemicals to the damaged area. 

When the Eternal Life Device(s) are applied, the entire body's magnetic flux increases.  Then there will be more leakage!  (When the total amount of magnetic flux is increased, the leakage also increases.) Then more leakage of magnetic flux will travel up to the brain requesting for more healing! Imagine a person would propel his magnetic flux for eight hours a day using Eternal Life Device! How much more healing would that generate?

Nerve2.gif (19947 bytes)

A long time ago, Chinese found out that the brain could be tricked to release more healing chemicals by inserting a needle near the nerve to create leakage. (When there's needle wound, there's leakage.) 

A wound caused by the needle actually would not cause serious blockade for your blood circulation.  But if the needle is inserted very near a specific nerve, the brain would release healing chemicals to a specific part of the body.

Please note these are Alex's claims, which he believes to be true - this is NOT scientific fact - but you decide if it sounds reasonable!