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About Alex Chiu by Alex Chiu

Alex Chiu
Alex Chiu - 31 year-old in 2002

Alex Chiu Rings - Circulation - Magnets - Accupuncture


I am not a Jew, but I completely believe in the Jewish Religion. I read the Tanakh. (old testament) I am a typical inventor who always keep things straight forward and honest. Without being honest about things, it's hard to invent solutions which can solve problems.


I was born in San Francisco in 1971.  Since my parents were already talking about a divorce, right after my birth I was sent to Taiwan where my grand parents raised me up. I am not a Taiwanese.  I am Chinese, and I wish China will one day take Taiwan back, peacefully or by force, at any cost!    A Taiwanese who does not consider himself to be Chinese does not deserve to become immortal.  So if that's you, my product is not for you.  I only have an AS degree which I got in City College of San Francisco.  After that, I worked for a few years and then filed a patent for Immortality Device.  I practice Iching (Chinese astrology) and Chinese medicine. I worked for Japanese companies as sales and as a sushi chef for nearly 8 years before I started my own business. I have only one patent in hand which was issued in October 1999, which is the most important patent in the world! (immortality)


I like to speak German. I learned it for five years. I speak Japanese, Chinese, English fluently, and a little bit German. like German classical music the most. I hate Chinese Confucius' philosophy the most. Confucius said, "There is golden house in a book. There is also beautiful woman in a book." He means, if you study, you get rich. I don't like his philosophy. All confucious knows is money. I say that there is nothing but benefit to mankind in a book! Americans use books to build heaven. Chinese use books as tools to get rich quick. They laugh at you if you perceive new discoveries or ideas! Thats why they will never improve! Chinese are too practical. When you talk about investing in new technologies, Chinese would back out. They rather open a Chinese restaurant than investing in some new technology that would change the world. But realize the richest people on earth are still the most inventive people, the Americans. Bill Gates wouldn't say, "Let's open up Chinese restaurants everywhere!" Hack no! He said, "I dreamed that one day every house will have a computer, and through computers there will be a huge network." No wonder why he has 90 billion.

The love of my life

One day in year 2003, this guy showed up in my back yard begging for food. He became the love of my life ever since. I open three cans of cat food for him every meal, and I treat him well. If God wants me to choose between this guy or a beautiful woman like Hilary Duff, I will dump the girl and be with my cat.


My favorite celebrity

iAlicia Silverstone is so beautiful. She is the example of a perfect human blend. I shall endeavor to make everyone as beautiful as Alicia with my inventions.  My inventions are to help people reach perfection.


My father is a business man, importing and exporting between USA and China. My step-mother is my fourth step-mom. I feel like that I don't even know her